I Recommend Income 180 Conference

Earlier this month, I attended the Income 180 Live Event 2014, with Nancy Roberts and Chris Kenney.  I had two goals for this 2½ day conference: learn how I could do better in conveying the benefits I provide to people so I would have the opportunity to work with more business owners, and secondly, to learn some business building techniques I could convey to my clients to help improve their business and its bottom line.

My opinion: This experience is very affordable and well worth the time investment.  Here are a few highlights of my 3 days:

  1. I now have a better understanding of the psychology of the buying process and how it affects the way potential clients interact with me (and my clients).
  2. I have some techniques my clients and I can immediately use to improve client relationships.
  3.  I learned how to improve my initial consultation with a potential client to make it more customer-centric.
  4. I left energized and re-invigorated- something we all need to have (that fire inside us to do our best work).

The material was presented in an interactive and easy to understand manner.  That is crucial.  Since some of the lessons are taught by an experiential exercise, your understanding goes to a depth you never before felt when you are put in your customer’s shoes.  The lessons will never be forgotten and will forever impact how I see certain situations.

Who will benefit most?  I believe people in a service or consulting type business will have the most profound experience.  However, the experience will benefit any entrepreneur.  Nancy and Chris offer professional coaching in a more personalized basis and I have no doubt this is a sound investment.  Consider this coaching as your “MBA” in profitably operating your own business.  Instead of spending money one time for marketing or pay-per-click advertising, invest in you for a lifelong results and return on investment.  They convey real world, real time experience to teach you how to do it right.  The investment is substantial for private coaching but with real results you’ll earn the cost back in months, not years.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  myincome180.com

Donald Sterling scandal sparks issues on the First Amendment

This week’s news has been dominated by the Donald Sterling scandal. In case you are the only person in America who hasn’t heard about the racist comments by professional basketball’s owner of the L.A. Clippers, he made colorful comments that resulted in him being banned from the NBA and potentially the loss of his team by the Board of Governors forcing him to sell the team.

While I am outraged that a public figure and role model would be so irresponsible in his choice of words, I don’t agree that he should be stripped of his property. Fans can put economic pressure on him to affect a sale – that is the way free enterprise works. Players can choose not to play for his team, affecting his bottom line. But I want to live in a country where I enjoy free speech without worry of reprisal by the government or some governing body. I admit, I may be an idealist living in Utopia.

I believe we have to live with the consequences of our actions. I just believe that those consequences should be imposed by the court of public opinion rather than a governing body who can strip Sterling of his property rights without some sort of due process. I can’t imagine life monitored by some Big Brother who overhears my private conversations, thoughts and opinions. I should be free to have an opinion or thought, and if I don’t break any laws and I don’t harm anyone’s safety, I should be protected from the  loss of my freedom, life or property by my Freedom of Speech. Even reprehensible people have basic liberties and freedoms in the United States. Marc Cuban said it best “In America, people are allowed to be morons.”

Do you think he should lose his team for his private thoughts and conversations?