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Left Quote Dear Tracy and your fabulous Team Tracy - Words put to paper with simple ink, cannot come close to expressing my overwhelming appreciation for your all. I have much gratitude for everything you have done to support my business by doing it right, the first time :) Great advice, patience and expert execution are just a few of the words I use to describe my experience working with you all. I look forward to many years of business relationship, and certainly when asked by friends, family and associates for a recommendation, you all are first on my lips, Best Regards,

      - Cynthia S.
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Left Quote Tracy Jong Law Firm is an exceptional law firm! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to get a Trademark or a Patent. Start with this firm, before going anywhere else. Tracy Jong looked over my case and gave me very valuable information. The lawyers are honest at this firm! Imagine that? An honest law firm! I will contact them again on my next venture. Thank You!

      - Terri H.
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Left Quote I would highly recommend this firm for intellectual property cases. Tracy is a consummate professional with vast experience in business law. I'm extremely pleased with this firm.

      - Michael D.
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Left Quote Tracy, I would like to thank you for your prompt attention to supplying the legalese. I look forward to working with you on this project. Although I ran my consulting business for many years, this is a whole new ball game for me and I do not want to make costly mistakes. Thanks again.

      - Peter M.
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Left Quote Thanks so much to you, Tracy and Lisa for your guidance through the licensing process. Your efforts and expertise were incredible. Thanks!

      - Kevin K.
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Left Quote Thank you Mr. Jong For your GREAT art work and filing my two patents. I received the last patent in June.

      - John Courier
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Left Quote Thanks again for all your help & patience, it goes a long long way to be in a comfortable atmosphere with stuff like that -- you & your office rock!

      - Sarah Dieter
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Left Quote Tracy and her staff are extremely insightful, trusted counselors and advisors. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, they will consider not only the legal strategy, but also the business practicalities in providing legal and litigation options. Tracy’s demeanor, personality, and judgment has developed into a high level of trust with my firm. She has been an essential part of our team in dealing with legal matters on joint projects. We have come to rely on her not only for specific answers and facts, but also for her strategic wisdom and capability to work on longer-term client centric goals. She is not only extremely intelligent and well connected but also very responsive.

      - David Young
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Left Quote Since my first phone call the response from Tracy Jong Law Firm was welcoming and friendly. During my visit to the Law Firm's office I was received with warmth and courtesy. Our discussion covered technical aspects of the invention, as well as the mechanics of filing for a patent. Mr Jong undertook a careful search of existing patents, while keeping me informed about his discoveries. After an interval he determined that the idea merited a patent, which he filed for. There was an inordinate delay for some reason but eventually a patent was issued by the USPTO. The entire process took about two years. Mr Jong kept me informed throughout the application process. I was happy with the result as well as the services provided by Mr Jong and the Tracy Jong Law Firm. The fees were reasonable considering the work involved.

      - Prof. Karim, President, Utterfly, LLC
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Left Quote I highly recommend the Tracy Jong Law firm. Tracy took time to understand my business model accurately, so she would know what services I did and did not need. She answered my questions wisely, accurately and honestly. She also explained the things I didn’t understand clearly, so I was confident that I knew what was being done and why. She did all she said she would, well, and on time. Her staff was very courteous and efficient. I’m very impressed with all of them and will bring them my business in the future.

      - Ed Jaqua, Rapture Herald
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Left Quote I have used Tracy Jong for various matters over the years. From incorporating churches, intellectual property regarding advertising, reviewing documents, business strategy and even reviewing my daughter's new apartment lease. Tracy is a quick study. She instantly understands the situation and offers the kind of nuanced solutions that reflect an excellent understanding of the law and practical treatment in the litigation. Her answers are always tempered with common sense. Tracy also knows when a matter must be fully researched, and she obtains the deeper legal homework quickly and reasonably. Tracy Jong is humble enough to know when a case needs specialized expertise beyond her own (which isn't often.) She isn't shy to make a needed referral when it is in the client's best interest. She might shoot me for putting this in, but she has actually called my well after-hours when she knew I was under a tight deadline. That says a lot. Tracy's knowledge of the law is valuable, but her practical advice make her a trusted resource. No attorney can know everything, but Tracy Jong is typically the first place I will start.

      - Brian Warner, President, Quantum Communications
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Left Quote Thank you for all of the help you provided Finnovation Product Development. You and your staff have helped FPD grow! Have a safe and happy New Year.

      - Ian Finn, Finnovation Product Development
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Left Quote I retained the Tracy Jong Law Firm to represent my business in a trademark infringement matter and was delighted with the expert level of care I received. Tracy was thorough, responsive and polite and the matter affecting my business was resolved far faster than I had imagined possible. I give the Tracy Jong Law Firm an A++ rating and would not hesitate to recommend their services to my colleagues.

      - Shawn Grimes, President & CEO Northeastern Sealcoat, Inc.
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Left Quote Cheng Ning: Again, congrats to you, too ! You have successfully guided us through a most perilous and complex journey, one requiring expertise far beyond that of even the most experienced layman. All that and with the demeanor to match ! You are a pronounced credit to your profession. The very best,

      - Jack Hancosky
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Left Quote Dear Attorney Michel, I well appreciate my fortune of having your legal representation. Thank you for your wise counsel and adept negotiation skills. I especially appreciate your empathic understanding of my circumstances from your legal vantage point. While a majority of law professionals can litigate ever so strongly on the smallest ground of law, only an elite minority can negotiate perceptively on the vast grounds of justice. The language of justice is mastered only by its humble midwives, and is not exclusive to high court positions. In my opinion, your attributes would place you among the elite minority. For this, I'm ever so grateful

      - Jan Premich, PhD
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Left Quote Dear Cheng-Ning, I am so happy to have this patent... Thank you and your law firm for all that you've done.

      - David K.
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Left Quote My aunt passed away leaving a Will with 22 people on it. Also owning property in both Florida and New Jersey. It was very complicated. Within a short time Tracy Jong Law Firm had ironed out all the wrinkles which there are many to iron. There has never been any flack from any of the relatives. If the time comes where I need a lawyer, it will certainly be with Tracy Jong's law firm.

      - Anita Taft
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Left Quote Project Dedication, Business Understanding and Great Patent Assistance are just a few of the important features that make the Tracy-Jong Law Firm my selection consistently.

      - Wayne, Leicester, New York
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Left Quote I have worked with the Tracy Jong Law Firm for a number of years and filed patents with them. I am happy with the work and am planning to pursue another patent for my project EcotramTM.

      - Dr. Perry
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Left Quote For attorneys, I know your time is valuable, and so far, Tracy and Sue are the best, most down-to-earth lawyers I have ever met. It is my pleasure paying for their advice about my businesses because I know that ultimately it will save me money in the long term.

      - Roy Schukraft, RJS Janitorial & Schu-Shine Inn
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Left Quote I was working in Kuwait as a contractor when I met the woman of my dreams. I tried to do the paperwork on my own to bring her to the US to marry me, but I quickly realized I needed help. I found Tracy Jong Law Firm online and after my consultation, decided to go with them. One of the absolute BEST choices I made that year. Ms. R. T. took me step by step through what was needed. Whenever I had a question, she was quick to respond. She spoke with my wife to calm her fears about the process. I cannot express my gratitude to Ms. R. T. and Tracy in words; without them I don't think I would now be with my wife – and with our son on the way!

      - Brandon Crowley
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Left Quote I have suggested Tracy Jong to clients as leading legal representation for their patent projects with 100% confidence. I consider her to be at the top of her expertise, and that she has been a tremendous help to me and my business development.

      - Ian Finn, Finnovation Product Development
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Left Quote When the U.S. Embassy in Managua denied our friend Pepe’s visa application, we learned about the “overstay presumption,” the federal law that does not allow foreigners who are unmarried, underemployed, etc., to visit the United States. Because our friend was was not married or working full time, we thought it was a done deal. But it wasn’t. Ms. R. T. in the Tracy Jong Law Firm took Pepe’s case. Using Skype and English interpreters, she carefully interviewed Pepe to learn about his relationship to his home country, to become very clear about why he wanted to come to the U.S., and to be convinced that he would return to Nicaragua. With that information, R. T. created a portfolio of evidence that satisfied the Embassy. They issued Pepe a three-month nonimmigrant visa in September 2012. We had a great time showing off the United States to our Nicaraguan friend. Perhaps even more importantly, Ms. T. worked shoulder to shoulder with us and with Pepe. She urged questions at every stage of the application and interview process. With her concern, practical advice, and careful coaching, Pepe went to the Embassy poised and prepared.

      - Yours, Colleen
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Left Quote My cousin and I contacted Tracy Jong by phone to ask general questions on copyright issues and to get guidance on a family project. We were impressed that she took the time out of her busy schedule to answer our general questions with clarity on the phone. She was very friendly and professional. Since our first conversation, we felt that Tracy had a very good understanding of the necessary steps our project required in order to succeed. We also felt assured through her background and knowledge of copyright law that we could prevent future issues that our project could potentially incur. Thanks to Tracy’s spending that initial time (free consultation) on the phone with us, giving us valuable guidance and counseling on our project , we were confident to proceed and complete the first phase of the project. I used Tracy to review and provide copyright consultation on the first phase of the project. Tracy was able to respond to our request quickly and professionally. We are extremely happy with the service. We felt we have received good value for the cost and have established a relationship we can rely upon in the future. We will definitely use Tracy Jong again on the 2nd phase of our project and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney involving copyright /licensing or trademark infringement.

      - Eleanor Whitte
    Right Quote
Left Quote Thanks Louis, YOU ROCK! This the debut of a product I've had in my head for 8 years . . . you guys are real enablers . . . could not be at this point without you! The reason many people fail is they are reluctant to take action, they simply react to what happens TO them. I am not reluctant, nor are you guys. I know I don't match the profile of your typical client and I give Tracy high marks for taking me on as a client! Thank you all!

      - Pat
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Left Quote I am a fee-only independent registered investment advisor representative and personal wealth manager, who is also a licensed attorney and licensed real estate broker in upstate New York. I have referred several business clients to Tracy with a variety of complex issues to resolve in the area of trademark, copyright and intellectual property. Tracy and her firm were able to provide cutting-edge solutions to the problems these clients faced. In addition, I have personally sought advice from Tracy on a trademark infringement matter to which she promptly gave me direct, straightforward and common-sense legal advice, as well as her pragmatic insight on how to best handle the situation from a business, as opposed to legal, standpoint. Tracy’s guidance was invaluable to me and to my clients who I’ve referred to her for her specialized knowledge in addressing some of these more complex issues.

      - Andrew J. Fama, JD, MHA, RFC, Registered Fiduciary
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Left Quote To all the great folks at TJLF, thanks for all your help. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and prosperous New Year.

      - Beth and Tom Albert
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Left Quote Tracy Jong Law Firm assisted me in the preparation and filing of my patent application. In particular, I was impressed with the personal service provided to me by Cheng-Ning Jong. What made my situation rather unique was at times during this process, I was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Mr. Jong corresponded with me often and with complete clarity. From my initial meeting through filing of my patent application, I always felt comfortable and had complete trust in my patent agent. Two results which I never anticipated were: the thorough preparation of my application and having made a new friend in Cheng. I look forward to working with the folks at Tracy Jong Law Firm in the future.

      - Gary Pawlak
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Left Quote If you have an idea for a patent, arrange a consultation appointment with Cheng-Ning. He was able to efficiently and effectively set the direction for my patent with language that I could understand. His background as a Professional Engineer and patent agent provided in-depth knowledge for my patent application. I know that I significantly increased my chances for a successful patent application, because of his professional expertise and very humanistic approach.

      - Bob Kendall
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Left Quote Tracy Jong has held many seminars at the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County, on intellectual property basics ranging from Marketing and Fundraising to Licensing Great Ideas. She is a terrific presenter, and her presentation style varies to fit the needs of the audience. We are a Patent and Trademark Resource Center with clients who vary from former Kodak employees and lawyers, to laypeople who come in from the street. We are very fortunate to have Tracy as a resource to complement the work we do. She is kind, patient, and straightforward, which is exactly what our clients need. She has been a terrific asset and I am glad we have a partnership.

      - Kate
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Left Quote We recently purchased a bowling alley/tavern, "The Alley Sports Bar," and have heard horror stories on trying to get a liquor license. We were concerned that things would take so long that we would not be able to sustain a stable business until the liquor license came, so we decided to use an attorney to help us along the way. Tracy Jong Law Firm was recommended to us by a relative to help speed up the process. Boy, were we glad we did! We were thoroughly impressed on how fast it came. We chose to do attorney certification to speed up the process and it did! We received the temporary license 2 1/2 weeks after applying for it, and one week after that, we received our permanent license. I would definitely recommend using the attorney certification program to speed up the process to anyone who is looking to get a liquor license. That was money well spent. We would like to thank everyone at Tracy Jong Law Firm for being so cooperative and helpful. You guys were so helpful and stood beside us every step of the way. Tracy was very informative and gave us good pointers on how to set things up. Heidi especially went out of her way, answered every question and always returned my calls (even for the crazy questions). Thanks again for all of the help!

      - Brian Thiel and James Burnette,
        The Alley Sports Bar LLC
    Right Quote
Left Quote I would like to say how thankful I am for the legal advice and action that your firm took to help keep my family winery open. When I was informed that the State Liquor Authority was going allow my license to lapse, I was devastated, but knew that I had to take action and seek legal advice. When I called Tracy Jong Law Firm I was greeted with a warm friendly response and a knowledgeable staff. Heidi worked quickly to find the information that I needed and to explain what actions that I needed to take to make sure that my liquor license did not lapse. Thanks to Tracy Jong Law Firm, we processed everything with days to spare. More importantly, I am able to keep my doors open during the busiest time of year and staff (which is more like family) still have their jobs.

      - Brittany Bagley and the Bagley's Family,
        Wine Without Bull
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Left Quote Working with Tracy and Cheng-Ning has been an absolute blessing. They gave me great information, guidance and even some extra encouragement as I sought to bring my invention to fruition. As a small business startup, they were cognizant of my cash flow and were able to do the whole patent process for a defined price, rather than an ambiguous hourly rate. What’s been especially satisfying is that I am not just a client to them, and Tracy and her firm are more than just my lawyer. I feel like they have a vested interest in my success, and our professional relationship is more like a partnership. They are a phone call away, and that gives me the extra confidence I need to navigate unchartered territory.
      - Maggie Ridge, Garden Diva Fashions    Right Quote
Left Quote Working with Tracy Jong Law Firm has been a wonderful experience. Their office has relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with a friendly and helpful staff. I really appreciated the frequent and prompt communication to keep me on track in creating my company. Tracy was easy to work with and knowledgeable, but never intimidating. She has really created a truly personable yet professional law firm.
      - Thomas Albert, Stone Giant Press, LLC    Right Quote
Left Quote I have been a client of the Tracy Jong Law Firm for 3 years. Tracy has personally helped me launch my business. It is fair to say that I could not have done it without her. Her staff and associates are professional and thorough in their work and always address my needs promptly. I appreciate the attention and professionalism that Tracy Jong Law Firm shows me as a client. Because of her flawless track record with me, and her dedication to helping my business grow, I look forward to a continued business relationship with Tracy and her staff.
      - Ian D. Finn, President Finnovation Product Development    Right Quote
Left Quote I never thought I would say that I have enjoyed working with a law firm, but I am happy to say that this is the case! The communication was first rate, the cost was fair, and everyone I dealt with was very personable and professional. I would recommend Tracy and her staff to anyone that needs any legal assistance!
      - Dave Perry    Right Quote
Left Quote Tracy Jong Law Firm has assisted our company with various projects. They were willing to take time to meet with various other professionals to create a viable outcome that prevented serious losses and benefited future growth. I can rely on them to provide informative and useful advice. Bottom line, Tracy is willing to take the time to teach best practices so that her client can have legal independence in future transactions.
      - Jerold Lisson, CEO of Ever Young Natural Foods, Inc.    Right Quote
Left Quote I want to specially recognize Cheng for his efforts this past year in spearheading the efforts for patent analysis and communication with our China partner (CNE). Cheng demonstrates a high degree of engagement and brings clarity and enthusiasm to the process. Needless to say, he has helped us keep our velocity high. Thanks and I wish you the best.
      - Sridhar Deivasigamani,
        President Intellihot Green Technologies Inc.
    Right Quote
Left Quote Their attention, dedication to my needs, and positive results have made my business relationship with the Tracy Jong Law Firm a very memorable experience.
      - Wayne C. Seeley, President, Ease-Up LLC    Right Quote
Left Quote I would like to say it has been a pleasure to work with the Tracy Jong law firm. I have been in the process of obtaining a patent, and it has been a wonderful experience to work with them. Any time I have had a question they have been readily available to speak with me. All the work was done on the schedule they provided me, and I look forward to doing business with them in the future.
      - Tyre Palladino, Eyecatchers Pet Wear    Right Quote
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